Ok so I’ve seen loads of these posts and videos before, and for some strange reason I always find them so intriguing. It might be because I’m nosy or it might be because I love to see what people keep close to their hip to see if I’m missing any essentials. 

My monogrammed bag is the double pocket cross body bag from monpurse. Such a perfect size for the essentials and having double pockets makes organizing your stuff so convenient. 


Mario Bedescu Lip Wax from Mecca 

The BEST lip balm ever. Period. 

Card Wallet

Another monpurse purchase. Am I too obsessed with getting things monnogrammed and persolanized with my excellent initials? Definitely. 

Aromatherapy Company Pulse Points Stress Relief

Peppermint and Lavender essential oils that I pop on my temples, behind my ears and on my wrists once or twice a day. I’m not sure if it actually works or if it’s just placebo but it certainly calms me down when I’m feeling anxious or stressed. 

Manuka Honey Hand Sanitizer

It was the last one at the chemist, bless the kind lady in front of me who only purchased one and left me the remaining bottle. Seriously handy to have this in my bag at all times in the current climate. 

Essano Rose Moisturizer

Ok so truth be told this is actually a face cream, however it’s far too thick to be a face cream but it’s perfect as a hand cream. 

Moleskine Sketchbook and Pen

For when creativity strikes and I need to jot something down, or simply just to write down a to-do list, this tiny journal is the perfect size. A pen is always handy to carry too for those moments where you’re on your way to a birthday party and forgot to get a card, have to stop at a store on the way and write the card in your car. Trust me, it happens.

Antibacterial Wipes

Boring, but handy. I use these to clean surfaces, to clean my hands when I’m not near a bathroom, or even to clean my face when it’s feeling gross and I’m out and about.

Sanitary Pad

Because, a girl needs them, duh.

Thanks for tuning in for this riveting information!