If you’re a creative or pursuing a creative project, whether it’s writing a book or piecing together a song, you’re probably familiar with creative blocks or funks. It’s that feeling after you’ve got into your groove for a while and then suddenly hit a wall. The words on the page start looking weird or the song starts to sound too repetitive. Here are my tips on what to do when this funk strikes! 

Take a Break And Step Away 

It’s simple, if you hit a wall, take a breather! Shelving your project even for a short amount of time will give you space to complete the following steps. 

Get Some Fresh Inspiration 

If you’re writing a song, step away from your own project and listen to some albums that inspire you. If you’re working on a piece of art, take some time to have a look at some inspiring images online, or flick through a book about your favourite artist. I find that these kinds of activities always reignites my inspiration. On the other hand, something else I’ve always found helpful when I’m in a creative funk is to switch up what I’m doing and do something different (but still creative) to keep the juices flowing in the form of a different outlet. 

Make A Plan

Now that we have some new inspiration, the next step is to stop and make a plan going forward. Plan how many words you‘ll write before the end of the day, and how many you’ll complete each day for the rest of the week. Whatever it is and however it works for you, it’s always great to make a plan to pick that momentum back up.

Keep Going

Grab a snack and keep chipping away at your project, even if it takes a wee while to get back into it!