We’re currently entering week 3 of isolation here in New Zealand and you may be really starting to feel affected by cabin fever or losing motivation quickly. Here are a few simple reminders on how to pick yourself back up. Do remember that it is okay to feel down especially during this time, be gentle and kind to yourself and most importantly, talk to someone about how you’re feeling.

Keep yourself busy

Have a read through my post ‘things to do when you’re bored’. Pick a project that might take up half your day each day, stay on top of all of your housework. Better yet, spring clean your whole home. 


Call and video call everyone you know – seriously! Reconnect with those good old mates that you only chat to once a year usually. You probably won’t be the only person who feels this way, so buddy up with a few people and keep in contact with them regularly. Call your grandparents too, they’ll love it. 

Be upfront with how you’re feeling

Admitting to friends and family that you’re feeling lonely or down will help majorly. Even saying it out loud seriously helps, but at least then your friends and family will know where you’re at. 

Lean into positivity

Watch motivational speakers on youtube. Listen to encouraging podcasts. Unfollow those negative nancies on instagram and facebook. Read the bible. Pray or meditate. Write down what you’re thankful for! Be positive and fill your mind with things that will uplift you.