I’d heard of Milford Sound before, but I didn’t know any details before I went there myself in August this year. It’s an absolute slice of heaven on earth and a MUST see place if you’ve never been. 

Milford Sound is renowned for its incredible sceneries, waterfalls, film locations and its rain! She usually rains for 200 days out of the year, but luckily our two days in the Sounds were completely sunny. 

The 3 hour (ish) drive in from Queenstown is stunning, which you’d assume so, most South Island drives are! We saw loads and loads of native Kea wandering around on the sides of the road and driving in through the mountains at golden hour was such a treat. We pulled in to what would be our favourite campsite of our whole South Island tour. It’s the only lodging area in the whole of Milford Sound, and it comes complete with powered campsites, private lodges and amazing facilities. Everything felt brand new,  but still rustic, and the views were epic. We parked up, surrounded by trees and wandered over to the on-site fine dining restaurant where we had a delicious dinner (which was a lovely change of pace from our campervan dinners). 

The following morning after getting ready and packing up our camper we took our little keep cups over to reception where they have a coffee bar and we got a couple of flat whites to take away, and we drove 1km down the road to board our cruise. 

The cruise took us on a tour through the Milford Sounds, and it was a mind blowing experience! The scenery is hard to capture in photos or words, but it really is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. To top it off we got to experience pods of dolphins riding the wake of the boat, as well as see penguins and seals up close too. 

I couldn’t recommend this place enough. If you are local, put it on your to do list!