My husband and I have done a bunch of travelling this year and in previous years, and each time we travel we always stick to our budget. We definitely still dine out every day and don’t count pennies a whole lot, but there are just a few key things we’ve implemented that are really easy that end up saving us hundreds!

Get amongst free activities

Museums, galleries and markets are always free, don’t spend loads of money just to fill your time when you can always find decent and free activities in every city!

When you’re dining out, buy a little less than you think you need. Ditch the sides!

We recently spent a month in Wellington and we knew we wanted to dine out for dinner almost every night, but this comes at a price! The way we could achieve this is to not over-indulge at dinner time. Instead we would each order different things (so that we could try more) and never ordered fries. Fries are the same at most places and are kinda just a filler. If we got peckish again later in the evening we’d just have a snack at home, easy! Saves money too.

ALWAYS try to find a discount deal online

The amount of times we’ve entered a place like a bowling alley or an aquarium, done a quick google and found an online coupon for half off is a crime, it seriously pays to always google ahead to see if you can get a discount!

Happy hour is your friend

Most city centre restaurants will have cheaper times to eat, or deal days. Do your research! Two for one nights or half price cocktails are the things you wanna look for. You’ll never need to pay full price again!

Picnics and parks and views, oh my

All are free or cheap, and if the weather is good then you’ll have a blast!

Take free classes, attend free events

Again, it pays to google! I scored a whole month of yoga classes on a free trial when I was in Mt Maunganui earlier this year. You can do this for fitness classes, art classes, gallery openings, just have a look online!

Eat breakfast at home

Whether you’re in a hotel, an air bnb or a campervan, a cheap way to travel is to always have something on hand to whip up for breakfast before you leave your accommodation each morning. I used to be a big brunch lover, but have realized that brunch is usually just $20 eggs or avocado on toast. Dinner is a whole different story and will always be entirely better and more interesting than what you can do at home so focus on that, and eat breakfast at home!