I’m Pregnant!


Hi readers and friends!

Some big changes have been happening over here which is why I lost my weekly posting streak back in February and haven’t posted since then. 


I’m 20 weeks with a baby girl, half way, and have been battling with chronic pregnancy sickness for months. People kept telling me it would ease off, but nope! I haven’t had much capacity for anything over and above the 8 hours I do at work each day so my little ol hobby blog has been on the back burner. 

I still have such a love for sharing my tid bits on here so I’ll be sure to keep posting (albeit slightly more irregularly for the next wee while). 

But yes, I’m pregnant! And super excited. My husband and I are coming up on our fourth wedding anniversary and with last year being super unsettling, we started to really crave starting a family of our own. We feel super lucky to have been able to conceive and are so so excited for the future! The timing feels right. 

Safe to say we are soaking up all the weekend sleep ins, movies and dinners out and lazy evenings that we can at the moment!