New year, new you! There’s something about the 1st of January that feels like the freshest fresh start there ever was, the best time to start new habits or turn your eyes towards new goals. But how often do we start off with big goals and great intentions that get forgotten by March? Here are a few of my tips on how to ensure those goals get achieved.

Make them Realistic! 

Haven’t run a kilometer in several years? Dear goodness don’t make your goal a half marathon, start off smaller with 10km and if you go over and above, great! 

Monthly or Quarterly Check-In’s

I mentioned this a while back in a blog post about quarterly goal reviews, so I reiterate again that it is so important to reflect and regroup every few months or so, consider how close you are to your goals and adjust your plan and steps to get there if you need to.

Tell Someone Who Will Encourage You

Tell a mate! Better yet, find a friend with a similar goal so you can smash them alongside each other. 

Write The Journey Down

Writing it down is proven to be a tonne more motivating.

Lastly I’ll mention, don’t hold on too tightly, you don’t have to have 20 goals this year, take it easy! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just pick a few simple tasks, or one main focus. For the past few years I’ve set myself big goals that have been a struggle to reach, this year I’ve written down simple goals (plant chillies, go berry picking, create a will) and I’m finding them fairly easy to tick off this way!

Happy 2021 lovely readers x