I love cooking at home, so am always looking for fresh inspiration to mix up my meal times. Here are a few of my favourite food bloggers, youtubers and content that I have been loving lately. Hopefully you find some recipes that inspire you!

Hot For Food

I started following Lauren Toyota from Hot For Food when I became interested in veganism in 2015. She’s super cool and casual and the best videos to watch are her ‘Recipe?’ videos where she pulls out leftovers and stuff in the fridge that needs to be used up and she creates a freaking delicious gourmet recipe from it. She’s also incredible at veganizing comfort foods like nacho cheese, sloppy joe burgers, oyster rolls and buffalo wings. Even if you’re not vegan (I’m not either), her videos are so fun to watch! They also have a great blog which stores all of their recipes.

Jess Beautician

Jess creates beautiful aesthetic vegan bento box lunches and shares them in a way that is so cute. It’s also probably her velvety english accent that mesmerises me. She is always coming up with new and unique recipes and each video is different from the last! If you’re looking for genuinely healthy and creative meal ideas then she is the channel to check out.

Jamie Oliver

He is such a classic and an OG but his way of crafting a dish is so inspiring. It’s an art form to him! If you’ve only ever watched him on TV or read his cook books then I highly recommend checking out his youtube channel.


Ok this isn’t technically a blog but if you love the picnic aesthetic then they’re a delightful feed to follow. They’ll trigger your pancake cravings everyday when they upload on their stories.

Alex’s Kitchen Story 

A kiwi living in London, she is the veggie queen! She creates gourmet dishes in her home kitchen from scratch and it is a beautiful sight to see, and so inspiring.