It’s been six months to the day since my last blog post which was titled ‘I’m Pregnant!’, boy have things changed. 

Pregnancy was HARD. I had constant nausea that took over my body and made everything a challenge for the better part of 2021.

On the 21st of September, one day after my due date, my daughter entered the world. I’m back into writing when I find the time, and I will share more details around her birth story soon, but for now I would just like to introduce her. 

Clover June Isobel Sharkey

Clover is a name that we’ve loved for a long time. A three leaf Clover stands for Faith, Hope and Love, and if you find a four leaf Clover the fourth leaf means Good Luck! We felt so incredibly lucky to have conceived her at the time we did so we felt the name was fitting. 

June is my birthday, and it’s my mums birthday so it’s for both of us. We also received some potentially life changing news in June this year so it was even more significant, but more about that later! 

And lastly, Isobel is a name we both loved as a middle name. It means God’s promise. 

Clover has been here for six weeks and our lives have definitely been shaken up. We love you baby girl x