Stumped for what to do for / with your significant other for valentines day? Don’t sweat it! I’ve got you covered with a bunch of handy ideas. But first things first, the most romantic thing you can do is to tell them you’re organising the day/evening, tell them to keep some time free and to be ready at a particular time. Seriously, this gesture is where romance begins!



The oldest idea in the book but the easiest and sweetest idea. All it takes is a blanket, a bag, and a quick run to the supermarket for snacks prior to picking your date up. Just make sure you have some cups, a drink, and a small variety of snacks and you’ve got yourself a romantic valentines lunch/afternoon tea/dinner for UNDER $20! You’re welcome. Bonus points for picking a spot with a view (think about your spot ahead of time too).

Crafty Activity Together

If you want something a little more unique to fill your afternoon before grabbing dinner, set up a cute crafty activity together. Buy the supplies ahead of time and set them up so that you can surprise your valentine. My suggestions would be candle making (you can find $20 candle making kits on trade-me), baking and decorating cookies, or canvas painting to a tutorial video (kinda like those wine and paint nights, but at home, you can find a bunch of tutorials on youtube for these). 

Blanket Fort Movie Night

My personal favourite, and also another idea that’s good on your pocket. Set up a nice big cosy blanket fort in your bedroom or lounge, make sure your significant other is out of the room or the house while you’re doing this. Set up some fairy lights, a bunch of pillows and blankets inside and a laptop or TV for a nice romantic, cosy, cuddly movie night. There MUST also be snacks, my suggestion is ice cream, chocolate and wine but hey, it’s up to you.

Cook At Home

Honestly even if you’ve been living and cooking together for years, this is still super romantic! Think about a menu ahead of time and do three simple courses, ROMANCE my friend. You will get three gold stars for effort and you’ll spend some nice quality time at home eating.

Or a combination of two of these! 


Flowers, always flowers

Little gift hamper of their favourite snacks and treats

A thrifted picnic basket (I always see these at op shops, this would be perfect to give to them on your picnic date too)

A poem or song

Nice wine

A coupon or voucher for something to do together (e.g movie vouchers, karting, mini golf)

Don’t forget to write a card or a letter! Especially if you’re not doing gifts, it’s always nice to write your feelings down onto paper. Your words go a long way friends!

Happy Valentines Day lovebirds xo