As Christmas approaches and New Years Eve is just around the corner I’ve been reflecting on the year that was, and here are some thoughts.

2020, the year that changed our modern world, the year that changed everything. Why this year? Why did it happen now? What is the greater lesson and meaning in this year?

This year was a year of growth for many, with time to slow down and smell the roses, some people learnt new skills, took up hobbies and worked on ones that had been long forgotten. These are the lucky people

This year was horrible and terrible for many reasons to many people. With loss of life, loss of income and loss of employment becoming the norm. 

This unpredictable, unprecedented and uncool situation also brought about serious mental strain for many, leading to depression, anxiety, and the like. 

As I consider these unique perspectives and acknowledge both my losses and gains in 2020, I realise I am extremely privileged and lucky in 2020.

I think if I can take one big thing away from this year, its that life is so unpredictable, always extremely unpredictable. Don’t grasp on tight to your plans because the world might have other plans for you. Go with the flow and take everything as it comes. Be kind to yourself, be kind to your neighbour, and wash your hands. 

Brooke x

PS – for those who have made it this far, I’ll be taking a few weeks summer holiday blogging break and will resume in January! Have a safe and happy holiday season friends.