Stuck on ideas on where to take your significant other?! Look no further! Whether you’re looking for ways to save cash on date night or you’re just after a cute/chill Sunday arvo activity, you’ll find something to do in my little list:

-Visit a local museum and learn something new together

-Find a beachside bbq and cook brunch together (they’re surprisingly common in New Zealand and Australia, Mission Bay in Auckland have loads, Lake Taupo are lined with them, as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens for my Melbourne friends!)

-Drive or walk around the neighbourhood and forage for flowers and foliage, create a floral arrangement together 

-Find a local hike to do together, pack some snacks and take some pictures together at the top!

-Go to the supermarket with $20 and try to create a gourmet dinner menu

-Hit the art gallery and talk about what piece you would buy

-Visit your local botanical gardens

-Take advantage of two for one happy hours or ‘deal days’ at local bars and restaurants, it’s the cheapest way to dine out!

-Take turns having a masterchef mystery box challenge night at home, choose funny ingredients for each other and cook a meal using it

-Have a picnic in the park, take a thermos with tea or coffee and pick up a pastry to share from your local bakery

-Drive to the beach with a blanket, two glasses and a bottle of wine

-Make a sheet fort in the lounge and have a movie night inside

-Grab a bottle of wine and a canvas and have a painting night at home! You can find a bunch of tutorials like this one online:


-Go to a free live gig in your area

-Have a cuddly movie marathon at home (highly suggest harry potter for a three day saga)

-Go thrifting together, try to find the best item for under $5

-Outdoor movie screenings in the summer

-Quiz night at a local bar, they’re usually totally free and heaps of fun for a double date!

-Go to a Sunday morning market and try a bunch of free samples

-Buy a kite at a dollar store and fly it in the park together