Finding yourself in a bit of a slump? Here are some quick and easy ways to feel better almost instantly. Save this list for future reference if you need to!

Cuddle a pet

Retail therapy – enjoy this in moderation, don’t blow your savings but honestly a little bit of ‘treat yourself’ even if it’s at the grocery store can work wonders.

Watch a rom-com – scroll down and have a look at my ultimate rom-com guide for inspiration!

Have a long shower – i mean LONG, do a hair treatment even.

Pray – praying and meditating always makes me feel more at peace!

Blast some some tunes

Pamper yourself with a facemask and nail treatment – a classic pick me up, some me-time is good for the soul, especially paired with some good TV.

Go for a run in nature


Do something kind for someone – drop a gift or some baked goods to a friend.

Write a letter to someone you love – your nan will love you for it.

Declutter your space – clear house, clear mind!

Watch something you KNOW will make you laugh

Write down three things you’re grateful for

Go for a walk outside


Create and consume a healthy meal, slowly

Donate to charity – for something quick and easy, it’s great to help causes in need but it’s also super fulfilling (gift a safe night to a woman in need here: https://womensrefuge.org.nz/gift-a-safe-night/ )